We accept:
New patients
Transfer of care
Out-of-state cases
Dr. Arango is immediately available to assist with:
Failed surgery situations
Second Opinions
Independent medical examinations
Peer reviews
Expert Medical Adviser evaluations
Our Workers’ Compensation & Rehabilitation Services include:
Nerve Testing (EMG/NCV)
Functional Capacity Evaluations
Ultrasound Injections
Physical Therapy
Ultrasound evaluation for ligament/tendon tears

We process your case quickly

Dr. Arango knows the workers’ comp process

Workers’ Comp is a specialized field that requires a doctor to be knowledgeable in medical treatments and the legal intricacies required to successfully navigate the Workers’ Compensation process.  Dr. Arango is one such doctor who has taken a special interest in the Workers’ Compensation system of Florida and the process required by insurance companies to obtain authorization of medical treatment for his patients.

We help you fast, including authorization

We understand that delays in reporting, causes delays in treatment. Our staff is experienced in managing the appeals process and filing the reports required by insurance companies for an authorization for medical treatment. If the appeals and reports are unsuccessful, Dr. Arango is required to consult with other orthopedic surgeons on a peer-to-peer basis so that the authorization for treatment may be obtained.

We work cost effectively and timely with insurance

Once an authorization is obtained, Dr. Arango works collectively with the insurance carrier and the employer to establish appropriate work restrictions for each patient. By focusing on early diagnosis and minimally invasive treatments, Dr. Arango provides cost-effective and timely recoveries that promote healing while reducing time lost from work. This ensures that the orthopedic care we provide meets the highest medical and legal standards.

Same day appointments are available for urgent cases.

We also accommodate timely appointments within 24 hours of obtaining authorization for treatment.

Call today: 863-324-6100

Our staff works closely with case managers and adjusters to assist injured patients regardless of where they are in the process.
We are committed to finding a cost-effective path to help employees return to work quickly and safely.

Dr. Arango is an Expert Medical Advisor

Royal Palm Orthopedics can provide reports and give testimony in cases involving the surgical treatment of injuries to the musculoskeletal system.

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